Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a brain-injury caused during birth or the following 48 hours. There are many different causes of CP, with the primary cause being hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain). Whatever the cause, it results in the destruction of neuron-cells, therefore breaking the neural pathways, which transport neural signals.

Signs and symptoms differ greatly from patient to patient and are dependent on which area of the brain is affected. They range from problems with movement and coordination, to problems with gait and posture; all the way to impairment of speech or cognitive abilities in the more severe cases.

The number of cerebral palsy patients is increasing each year. Presently, there are about 810,000 adults and children in the U.S. alone suffering from various types of cerebral palsy, plus an extra 8,000 children are clinically diagnosed annually. With every case being unique from person to person, the kind of cerebral palsy therapy a patient needs will differ with each patient.

Another major problem for many Cerebral Palsy patients who are typically very young is that the damage often affects the future development of the brain. In extreme cases, this can mean that the brain stops developing completely, leaving the child with the intellectual level of a 1 or 2 year old for the rest of their life. Despite the fact that cerebral palsy has no cure, cerebral palsy therapy has proven to be effective.

There are several types of Cerebral Palsy treatment that can be considered. The type of treatment used is determined by the kind of Cerebral Palsy that the person has and by the specialist who is treating. The doctor consulting will make a decision as to what he/she feels is appropriate to the patient in question and will try to find a way to lessen the debilitating effects of Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Conventional Cerebral Palsy treatment includes many practices like rehabilitational therapy, medicine or even more dangerous practices like deep brain stimulation. However, the basic problem these patients face is that they do not have enough neurons in their brain to build stable neural pathways. None of the aforementioned Cerebral Palsy treatments, however, are able to replenish the number of neurons, which renders all of them ineffective.

Stem cells are the future for Cerebral Palsy treatment. We can use stem cells, to directly form them into neuron cells and rebuild the neural pathways. Not only that, but if treated at a young age, while the brain is still in development, this type of treatment also allows the brain to continue to develop normally and therefore gives many additional benefits to severely impeded patients.

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